Roosevelt Row Summer Update

Roosevelt Row

As a community, we are all experiencing a time of much needed change. As an organization, we are taking this moment to listen, unlearn, and relearn, in order to move forward with a new focus and aligned actions. 

This summer, we will be taking time to pause our regular virtual and in-person activities, such as the First Friday events, to recenter as a team. We will also be starting a book series to create a groundwork education for our team and leadership on whiteness, racial inequality and oppression in the US, to inform areas we need to address and the ongoing work we will continue to do.

We encourage you to join us in this reading series and will provide the details on how to participate in the upcoming weeks. This is an intentional moment for the organization to focus on our mission, vision and values, making necessary shifts to better serve this creative community.

In the meantime, we are taking direction from artists and leaders who have long been rooted in the work of social change, to return in the fall with programming and events in Roosevelt Row that are safe, healthy and equitable for everyone. 

If you are a local artist who would like to be part of shaping the future of Roosevelt Row, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at to join the discussion.