Roosevelt Row CDC Receives Etsy’s 2019 Maker Cities Grant

Roosevelt Row Maker Cities Project

It’s Official!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected by Etsy as one of five 2019 Maker Cities!

In partnership with the Mastercard’s Center for Inclusive Growth, Etsy has selected five recipients whose efforts are focused on fostering diverse and inclusive creative communities in their local areas. This grant is part of their Maker Cities initiative to support creative businesses in their communities.

Each grantee is receiving $40,000 from Etsy in direct program support, along with customized training and a year-long learning community provided by Recast City, to help foster a diverse and inclusive creative communities in their respective cities.

We are humbled and proud to receive this significant investment. This grant will further our ongoing events and programs to advocate for the continuing presence and role of the arts, particularly individual artists, and supporting small businesses in downtown Phoenix.

Our Maker Cities project

Our project will focus on developing the Roosevelt Row Academy, providing opportunities for diverse artists and makers through a co-op pop up shop. This unique shop is an artist-designed and artist-led program. As part of the Roosevelt Row Academy program, the shop will connect diverse communities with a focus on underserved artists and makers to build participants’ entrepreneurial skills.


About the Maker Cities initiative

Etsy Maker Cities champion a new model for economic prosperity, one that puts people at the center of commerce, promotes sustainable production, and empowers people to build creative businesses on their own terms. Etsy’s ongoing commitment is to use the power of business to strengthen and empower communities, and to support inclusive creative communities that build stronger local economies for everyone.


Read the full announcement here!