Call for Exhibition Proposals



Xico’s mission is to nourish a greater appreciation of the cultural and spiritual heritages of the Latino and Indigenous peoples of the Americas through the arts. Xico is committed to the development and promotion of Chicano/Latino, and Native American artists, encourages self-empowerment of our youth and communities, and presents the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples to all audiences. Xico serves a broad, ethnically diverse community throughout the region, including artists, arts organizations, youth, underserved populations, art buyers, and community leaders. Xico’s initiatives promote an understanding of arts and culture at all levels; through increased awareness and knowledge, vocational training, cultural programming and collaboration with other arts organizations.


Open to visual artists, curators, and coordinators of artist groups. Artists must be 18 years of age or older. The exact dates of a proposed exhibition will be determined in collaboration with the applicant following the approval of an application.

Deadline: Rolling


Artists interested in exhibiting should submit the following in a single multipage .pdf document no larger than 25 MB:

  • A clear concise description of your proposed exhibition and its purpose. Be sure to include an approximate number of pieces, material, interactivity, and installation methods. All proposals should address the gallery’s mission in some way. Maximum of 500 words.
  • Up to 10 high quality digital images that are representative of the work proposed for the exhibit. All images are to be numbered to correspond to an image list including artist’s last name, title, medium, size, and date. Video works and other time-based media may be submitted via a URL link to a website such as Vimeo, YouTube, and alike. Each piece must be no longer than 10 minutes.
  • A one-page artist statement and short bio. If proposing a group show, a statement and bio are required from each artist.
  • CV or resume, 3 pages or less. If proposing a group show, a CV is required from the applicant and recommended from each exhibiting artist.
  • Filled out and signed application. Proposals for review or inquiries for additional information should be emailed to Applications that do not meet the formatting criteria above will not be considered.


  • Xico refuses to show artwork that marginalizes, discriminates, or may harm any individual or groups. Xico promotes the acceptance of all people and cultures regardless of age, sex orienataion, race, gender, ethnicity, orgin, or ability. Artwork that contains pornographic themes, discriminatory content, or offensive material will not be permitted.
  • Artwork must be original (not copied from other artwork or made from a kit).
  • Artists are required to transport their works of art to and from the gallery. The gallery does not receive or return shipped artwork.
  • Gallery personnel are available to assist in the setup of the exhibit; however, the artist is primarily responsible for hanging/installing the show. Please plan accordingly.
  • Exhibited works will not be insured by Xico while on the premises. Artist’s must provide their own coverage. However, the gallery does everything it can to ensure the well-being of artists’ work by maintaining a safe environment that is securely locked when the gallery is closed.
  • If the artwork differs significantly from the application materials originally submitted, the gallery reserves the right to refuse displaying the artwork.
  • The gallery reserves the right to use images of accepted artwork for publicity. Accepted artists will be required to submit a high-resolution jpg or tiff of the accepted artwork for such purposes.
  • The shipping container’s dimensions are approximately 7 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall by 18 feet deep. The gallery does not provide pedestals or any special equipment. The gallery also does not have environmental control and gets hot during the summer months.


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