The Roosevelt Row Arts District has an abundance of vacant lots. These lots reduce the quality of life for residents, disrupt a neighborhood’s sense of community, decrease property values, tend to attract illegal dumping of litter and other solid wastes, create unsightly blight on the urban landscape, are often contaminated with hazardous wastes such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and asbestos which result in unsafe conditions for children and adults and are also an environmental justice issue since there are significantly more vacant lots in the city’s poorer neighborhoods.

A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Re-use of Temporary Space) will address these issues by putting vacant lots into productive use. The CDC hopes to accomplish this by temporarily activating the empty space with events and projects that will promote connectivity between existing amenities, houses and businesses, beautify the area and will attract new residents, businesses and development of the lots. Temporary programming includes arts markets and festivals, community gardens, public art projects, cultural fairs including science, outdoor film space, and concerts. Roosevelt Row CDC will manage, maintain and beautify the lots.

A.R.T.S. Market is a highly curated fine art, handmade craft, and culinary A.R.T.S. Market on First Fridays and Third Fridays in the Roosevelt Row Arts District. READ MORE

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With support from ArtPlace, Roosevelt Row CDC has created a pop-up art gallery in a re-purposed 20′ shipping container. READ MORE

Roosevelt Grow Collective Garden is a place to learn about desert, urban gardening, sustainable living, healthy eating and edible landscaping.

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